If you are a daily user of the internet, or your work requires a lot of searches, then you properly have hundreds maybe thousands of bookmarks on your browsers.

Maybe you are on an active education workflow, or a self-education path, so you are searching, collecting links and resources for your research to review later.

It is not an easy walk in the park, especially if you are using different multiple browsers, and or computers (Like I do), then most likely, you have another problem: bookmarks everywhere.

Our pick for today will help you to resolve this issue. Meet Floccus.

Floccus is privacy-aware across-browser bookmarks sync tools with full autonomy.

To sync your bookmark to a mobile browser you should use Kiwi browser which is the only mobile browser app that supports extensions.

Supported browsers

  1. Chromium
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Opera
  5. Brave
  6. Vivaldi
  7. Microsoft Edge


  1. Extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Addons, and Microsoft Edge
  2. Encrypted Integration with Google Drive
  3. Next cloud integration
  4. WebDAV server support
  5. Sync to a local folder
  6. Support multiple profiles
  7. Uni- or bidirectional syncing
  8. Control syncing interval
  9. Portable configuration

Nextcloud Bookmarks integration

I use Nextcloud on a regular basis, and primarily to keep a record of my learning process which includes recording bookmarks.

Floccus supports Nextcloud bookmark sync, but it does not accept non-HTTP URLs, which was a bust.

However, Floccus with WebDAV and Google Drive supports other bookmarks like http(s):, ftp:, data:, and javascript:.


  1. Floccus does not track your data or collect your usage
  2. It does not record or use your passwords