Crow Translate is an Amazing Open-source Translation App for Linux and Windows

Crow Translate is an Amazing Open-source Translation App for Linux and Windows

Crow Translate is a free open-source desktop application that aids you in translating any text using Google, LibreTranslate, Bing, and Lingva API.

Crow Translate is currently available for Windows and Linux, and it comes with a simple straightforward interface that allows the user to switch to many languages with a click.

The app include a set of default shortcuts that makes it easy to use and productive for users who prefer using keyboard to control everything.

It also comes with a command-line (CLI) tool with a set of commands to translate files, speak the translation, and print the translated output to a JSON file.


  • Translate and speak text from screen or selection
  • Support 125 different languages
  • Low memory consumption (~20MB)
  • Highly customizable shortcuts
  • Command-line interface with rich options
  • D-Bus API
  • Available for Linux and Windows
  • Command-line interface (CLI)
  • Shortcuts
  • Full-screen mode
  • Auto-translation mode
  • One-click copy
  • Translate to several languages at once
  • Speak (Read) the translation
  • Speak the selected text
  • Recognize and translate text in screen area
  • Export translation output to a JSON file (CLI)
  • Read and translate files (CLI)
  • Print translations (CLI)
  • The app has been localized to dozens of languages


  1. Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  2. Linux: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint, MX Linux, Arch Linux, Solus OS, Zorin, Mageia 7, openSUSE, and Manjaro.

The app is available as a Flatpak package, which you can download it directly from Flathub. It is also available as an AUR package, and in Launchpad PPA,

Windows users can download its installer from the main website, or use a Scoop package.

Default keyboard shortcuts

You can change them in the settings. Some key sequences may not be available due to OS limitations.

Wayland does not support global shortcuts registration, but you can use D-Bus to bind actions in the system settings. For desktop environments that support additional applications actions (KDE, for example) you will see them predefined in the system shortcut settings. You can also use them for X11 sessions, but you need to disable global shortcuts registration in the application settings to avoid conflicts.


Ctrl + Alt + ETranslate selected text
Ctrl + Alt + SSpeak selected text
Ctrl + Alt + FSpeak translation of selected text
Ctrl + Alt + GStop speaking
Ctrl + Alt + CShow main window
Ctrl + Alt + IRecognize text in screen area
Ctrl + Alt + OTranslate text in screen area

In main window

Ctrl + ReturnTranslate
Ctrl + RSwap languages
Ctrl + QClose window
Ctrl + SSpeak source / pause text speaking
Ctrl + Shift + SSpeak translation / pause text speaking
Ctrl + Shift + CCopy translation to clipboard

CLI commands

The program also has a console interface.

Usage: crow [options] text

-h, --helpDisplay help
-v, --versionDisplay version information
-c, --codesDisplay language codes
-s, --source <code>Specify the source language (by default, engine will try to determine the language on its own)
-t, --translation <code>Specify the translation language(s), splitted by '+' (by default, the system language is used)
-l, --locale <code>Specify the translator language (by default, the system language is used)
-e, --engine <engine>Specify the translator engine ('google', 'yandex', 'bing', 'libretranslate' or 'lingva'), Google is used by default
-p, --speak-translationSpeak the translation
-u, --speak-sourceSpeak the source
-f, --fileRead source text from files. Arguments will be interpreted as file paths
-i, --stdinAdd stdin data to source text
-a, --audio-onlyPrint text only for speaking when using --speak-translation or --speak-source
-b, --briefPrint only translations
-j, --jsonPrint output formatted as JSON

Note: If you do not pass startup arguments to the program, the GUI starts.


Crow Translate is released and distributed under the GPL-3.0 License.


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