Cryptomator is the answer for consideration and worrying as well as the real alternative to the commercial over-priced solutions to encrypt files and ensure privacy. And it's Open source.

Unlike many open source solutions, which keep the normal users struggling to install, configure and use, Cryptomator is built for normal users. With very simple work flow, Create ,  Drag-n-Drop, Lock,  and Unlock, added into very easy to use Interface, makes Cryptomator less time consuming and more efficient. There is no struggle with creating accounts, figuring out how to manage your keys , cloud access to unlock your files, or over complicated configuration most of alternatives have.

It's easy to install and requires zero configuration on MacOSX, as I have been using it for quite sometime. And I can freely say that is the most impressive and easy client-side Crypto application I have ever used. However don't forget to ensure you never forget the password you are using to encrypt files, because it's impossible to unlock the data without your password. There is a warning while you are entering the password to create vault notifying the user about importance of their password as the only way to unlock their encrypted data.

Why doctors may need it?

 Many doctors are using their personal computer to review their patients records, and to ensure the records safety and patients privacy they have to use certain measures to secure the records. Cryptomator is the ideal solution for that, as it's easy to install with zero configuration, simple to use, does not require good technical skills or additional measures to encrypt the data. It runs in Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. And It's FREE.

Cryptomator is available for Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux, as well as for iOS/ iPhone and Android systems.

Fees :

  • FREE to download, install and  use.
  • Support :Community support is  free, however there is a support plans for pro and Enterprise support.

License :

Cryptomator is released under GPLv3 license. You mare read about it more in here.

Resource :

Considering to support Cryptomator?

 Cryptomator is an impressive project as production daily use software , and it keeps developing, if you are planning to support it, you may consider becoming a sponsor or donate to the project through their website.