Data Crow is a free media cataloger and media organizer.

Ever wanted to catalog organize your collections of movies, music, apps, images, and books, then you didn't find the right software to do so, here is a perfect one: Data Crow.

What is the Data Crow app?

The Data Crow app is a free, cataloging app that you can use to organize your media collections.

The app is totally free, and it is a cross-platform app written in Java programming language which means it runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS. However, only Windows installer is available, alongside the source-code.  

Data Crow comes with default modules to organize, catalog books, movies, music, pictures, and apps. Moreover, you can use the module manager to install, import and export custom modules.

Furthermore, the app does not contain any hidden ads, or malicious scripts.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Card and table view
  3. Supports image attachment for items
  4. It comes with charts and statistics
  5. Manages your data loan as when you loan a CD, movie, DVD, or a book
  6. It includes a built-in image editor
  7. Submit multiple images and screenshots per item
  8. Setup and browse items by tags
  9. Set your rating
  10. It has a built-in powerful search functions
  11. Filter your items by fields
  12. Set multiple users
  13. Connect, and backup your collections to remote servers


Data Crow is a free software.


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