Daytona - a Free Libre Development Environment Manager

Daytona - a Free Libre Development Environment Manager

Daytona is a free, open-source development environment manager designed to streamline the process of setting up development environments. With Daytona, users can configure fully operational development environments with just a single command, significantly reducing the complexity and time typically associated with this task.

The platform is highly versatile, supporting a wide range of infrastructures, including local setups, remote servers, cloud-based solutions, physical servers, and virtual machines (VMs). It is compatible with both x86 and ARM architectures, ensuring broad applicability across different hardware configurations.

Initially, Daytona provides support for dev container configuration files, which are essential for setting up consistent and reproducible development environments. However, the project has ambitious plans to expand its compatibility to include other configuration formats such as DevFile, Nix, and Flox, thereby offering users even more flexibility and choice.

One of the standout features of Daytona is its prebuilds system, which is designed to enhance setup times. This feature preconfigures environments, allowing developers to start working almost immediately without the usual delays associated with setup and configuration. By incorporating such a system, Daytona significantly boosts productivity and minimizes downtime, making it an invaluable tool for developers.

Overall, Daytona aims to simplify and accelerate the development process, providing a comprehensive solution for managing development environments across various platforms and infrastructures.


  • Single Command: Activate a fully configured development environment with a single command.
  • Runs everywhere: spin up your development environment on any machine — whether it's local, remote, cloud-based, physical server, or a VM & any architecture x86 or ARM.
  • Configuration File Support: Initially support for dev container, ability to expand to DevFile, Nix & Flox (Contributions welcome here!).
  • Prebuilds System: Drastically improve environment setup times (Contributions welcome here!).
  • IDE Support : Seamlessly supports VS Code & JetBrains locally, ready to use without configuration. Includes a built-in Web IDE for added convenience.
  • Git Provider Integration: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server, Gitea, Gitness & Azure DevOps can be connected, allowing easy repo branch or PR pull and commit back from the workspaces.
  • Multiple Project Workspace: Support for multiple project repositories in the same workspace, making it easy to develop using a micro-service architecture.
  • Reverse Proxy Integration: Enable collaboration and streamline feedback loops by leveraging reverse proxy functionality. Access preview ports and the Web IDE seamlessly, even behind firewalls.
  • Extensibility: Enable extensibility with plugin or provider development. Moreover, in any dynamic language, not just Go(Contributions welcome here!).
  • Security: Automatically creates a VPN connection between the client machine and the development environment, ensuring a fully secure connection.
  • All Ports: The VPN connection enables access to all ports on the development environments, removing the need to setup port forwards over SSH connection.
  • Works on my Machine: Never experience it again.


The project is released under the Apache 2.0 License.

Resources & Downloads

  • The app can be downloaded from its Github repo.

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