Detect It Easy (DIE): A Versatile File Identification Program

Detect It Easy (DIE): A Versatile File Identification Program

Detect It Easy (DIE) is a program available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is used for determining types of files and has an open architecture of signatures, allowing users to easily add their own algorithms or modify existing ones. DIE comes in three versions and uses signatures located in the "db" folder, organized by file types.

The program utilizes a comprehensive signature database, organized by file types in the "db" folder. This extensive collection of signatures enables accurate identification and analysis of various file formats, including executables, documents, archives, and more. Whether you are a software developer, security analyst, or digital forensics expert, DIE can greatly assist in file analysis and understanding.

With its intuitive interface and extensive features, DIE is a valuable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike. By accurately identifying file types, users can gain insights into the structure and content of files, aiding in tasks such as malware analysis, reverse engineering, and digital investigations.

detect-it-easy has 3 variants

  • die GUI version
  • diec console version
  • diel GUI lite version


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Docker

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