Development of Soft skills in education and work

Development of Soft skills in education and work
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Development of Soft skills in education and work

With the development of the world and innovations in it, we also need to change. You can find any information on the internet, watch videos about space, other dimensions, write help me edit my essay, and you will get an answer. As gratitude and the need to give, we must be adaptive to the world around us.

What are soft skills?

Coursera, a world-renowned online educational platform, says in a blog post that research firm Wonderlic estimates that 93% of employers consider soft skills essential when making hiring decisions. And some of them generally defend the opinion that these skills are even more valuable and significant than technical ones.

Actually, soft skills are personal characteristics, thanks to which a person can successfully interact in a team while solving any work issues.

These characteristics include the following skills:

- active listening (the ability to listen carefully, asking auxiliary questions that allow the opponent to open up their thoughts more widely and explain their position more clearly);

  • ability to negotiate;
  • nonverbal elements of communication (the ability not only to express an opinion intelligently and concisely, but also to apply
  • gestures, facial expressions, and posture to confirm words, which makes communication more expressive);
  • ability to persuade;
  • ability to present and speak publicly;
  • storytelling (ability to tell stories);
  • written skills (for example, the ability to compile reports, conduct business communication).

Separately, we should mention the ability to think critically, namely: analyze the current situation, draw useful conclusions and change behavior in accordance with the environment; an important characteristic of a modern employee is empathy, the ability to feel, understand and analyze the feelings and emotions of other people.

Not in the last place is emotional intelligence, a positive perception of the world, the desire to learn new things, the ability to solve problems creatively and unconventionally, and the desire for self-development.

Why are soft skills important for modern companies?

Elon Musk spoke fundamentally about soft skills: “in general, people enjoy interacting with other people. If you are working on a project that involves a team, then the ability to interact is the most important thing, and communication with others is the most important challenge.” These skills according to the high-tech entrepreneur include:

  • communication skills;
  • involvement in a common cause;
  • flexibility/adaptability;
  • performance (efficiency);
  • ability to observe, listen, and analyze.

According to Elon Musk, during the rapid growth of technology, these points should become the property of almost every applicant for any position in the field of digital technologies or other high-tech industries.

Another example of the weight of soft skills (in particular, leadership qualities) can be the reflections presented in the book by Rick and Monique Justus (the Exponential Leader: the most Significant Leadership Initiative in History).

Here are statistics that every second company is experiencing a shortage of personnel for real leaders, but at the same time, in the American labor market, 3 3.1 trillion is spent on paying educated high-class managers.

The authors defend the position that it is now important to form a culture of leadership training and “mental models” for achieving ambitious goals.

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