dijo is an open-source lightweight habit tracker package written in the Rust programming language. It features a unique terminal-based interface (Curses).

dijo is a habit tracker. It is curses-based, it runs in your terminal. dijo is scriptable, hook it up with external programs to track events without moving a finger. dijo is modal, much like a certain text editor.


  • Vim like motions: navigate dijo with hjkl!
  • dijo is modal: different modes to view different stats!
  • Vim like command mode: add with :add, delete with :delete and above all, quit with :q!.
  • Fully scriptable


To run dijo you need to have Rust and Cargo installed, it requires RustC >= v1.42

$ rustup update

$ cargo install dijo

You can also install it using a Snap package for Linux (ex. Ubuntu), or in Arch Linux from AUR.


dijo is released under the MIT License.