Django Diabetes: a self-hosted Personal Glucose Manager

As there is a shortage of open-source patient-centered apps, like personal health records, medication reminders, and diabetes trackers.

So, we are delighted to share with this astonishing open-source application Django Diabetes which was built to help patients track and manage their blood glucose.

Django Diabetes, as its name suggests, is built on Django; the popular Python web framework. It is a lightweight web-based app that makes use of Django built-in admin, and multi-database support.

Although the project didn't receive any update for 4 years, it is still listed as a public archive at GitHub.

The project helps patients to track:

  1. appointments
  2. examinations
  3. exercises
  4. keep a record of his blood glucose level
  5. any medical issues
  6. meals
  7. weight


  1. Python 3.6
  2. Django 2
  3. arrow 0.12.x


BSD-3-Clause License

Side note

We don't recommend this app for patients as it is outdated, but we highly recommend it for developers who want to develop any Diabetes manager or re-do this app experience in any other web stack.

Hopefully, we can get a new rewrite in the near future for this amazing software.


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