Django is a popular Python open-source full-stack web development framework. It can be used to build a solid web apps with a powerful backend structure.

It is already proven in many enterprise, medical and healthcare related projects.

Today, we bring you a quick app that is build with Django as a hospital management system, which can be used to manage medical records, appointments and more.



  • Signup their account. Then Login (No approval required).
  • Can register/view/approve/reject/delete doctor (approve those doctor who applied for job in their hospital).
  • Can admit/view/approve/reject/discharge patient (discharge patient when treatment is done).
  • Can Generate/Download Invoice PDF (Generate Invoice according to medicine cost, room charge, doctor charge and other charge).
  • Can view/book/approve Appointment (approve those appointments which are requested by patient).


  • Apply for job in hospital. Then Login (Approval required by hospital admin, Then only doctor can login).
  • Can only view their patient details (symptoms, name, mobile ) assigned to that doctor by admin.
  • Can view their discharged(by admin) patient list.
  • Can view their Appointments, booked by admin.
  • Can delete their Appointment, when doctor attended their appointment.


  • Create account for admit in hospital. Then Login (Approval required by hospital admin, Then only patient can login).
  • Can view assigned doctor's details like ( specialization, mobile, address).
  • Can view their booked appointment status (pending/confirmed by admin).
  • Can book appointments.(approval required by admin)
  • Can view/download Invoice PDF (Only when that patient is discharged by admin).

Important Security and Drawbacks

  • Anyone can be Admin. There is no Approval required for admin account. So you can disable admin signup process and use any logic like creating superuser.
  • There should be at least one doctor in the hospital before admitting a patient. So first add doctor.
  • On update page of doctor/patient you must have to update password.


The project is released as an open-source project under the MIT License.