Dpaste is a free and Open-source self-hosted Pastbin Alternative

Dpaste is a free and Open-source self-hosted Pastbin Alternative

dpaste is a web application that functions as a "pastebin," which allows users to store and share text snippets online.

It is developed using the Python programming language and the Django framework, a popular web development framework.

The project is intended to run standalone as any regular Django Project, but it's also possible to install it into an existing project as a typical Django application.


  • Easy to setup and install
  • Supports multiple language
  • Responsive design
  • Supports Right-to-Left languages
  • Posts can expire after certain time
  • Supports history
  • Built-in REST-API
  • Developer and user-friendly Documentation.


⚠️ dpaste requires at a minimum Python 3.6 and Django 3.2.

Tech Stack

  • Django
  • Python


MIT License

Resources & Downloads

GitHub - DarrenOfficial/dpaste: The Django project driving dpaste.org
The Django project driving dpaste.org. Contribute to DarrenOfficial/dpaste development by creating an account on GitHub.
Dpaste Documentation
dpaste is a pastebin application written in Python using the Django framework. You can find a live installation on dpaste.org.

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