Drip is a Free Privacy-focused Menstrual Cycle and Fertility Tracking App

Drip is a Free Privacy-focused Menstrual Cycle and Fertility Tracking App
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There are dozens of similar apps who track women menstrual cycle, and fertility, yet most of them comes with a high price, even if they look free: they are populated with ads, third-party trackers, and ads scripts which violate user's privacy.

That's not the case of Drip, why?

  1. It is a free and open source that its code can be examined.
  2. The data is stored on your device.
  3. It does not have any ads or third-party trackers.
  4. It does not include any hidden features or has any in-app purchase.
  5. Moreover: it is totally free and works on even older versions of Android phones.
  6. Non-commercial: Drip doesn’t sell your data, no ads.


  1. Track your bleeding, fertility, sex, mood, pain, and more if you want
  2. Graphs to analyze cycle and period duration as well as other symptoms
  3. Get notified about your next period and required temperature measurements
  4. Easily import, export, and password protect your data
  5. Track what you like. Just your period or fertility symptoms, and more.
  6. Your body is not a black box. Drip is transparent in its calculations and encourages you to think for yourself.


Android Screenshots
Android Screenshots
iPhone Screenshots
iPhone Screenshots

Download Drip

Download for Android

You can get Drip from Google Play application store or the F-Droid open-source app store.

Download for iOS

Now the app has a new iOS edition which you can download it directly from Apple's App Store.


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