Motion Sense is a free Android app that helps you to control your music and incoming calls by hand waves if you are struggling to touch the phoneMotion sense built with drive mode to reduce distraction while driving.

Motion sense is the first app on Google play that lets control  your phone by waving without any additional sensors or using the proximity.


  • Control you music : Play, Pause, Skip next and previous with just a wave
  • Control incoming calls : Answer, Decline and silent incoming call without a touch
  • Auto-Open : You don't need to keep the app open to control the incoming calls. The floating window will open automatically
  • Universal: can be used with any music play on Google play
  • Customize your action as you want : Customize the wave direction and the action
  • Drive mode : Turn you car into a luxury one by wave control
  • Floating window : : Access Motion Sense over other apps
  • App shortcuts : Choose you favorite apps for faster access while you're driving
  • Dark mode : keep your eyes safe in long drive

New features

  • Cleaner & simpler UI  
  • Wave recognition works even if the screen is off
  • New Floating window with minimizing state
  • New Gesture pad to control volume by gesture recognition.

Google Pixel 4 has provided hand gestures  controls by default, but if you don't have Google Pixel 4 phone, this application provides a nice and usable solution especially in drive-mode, so drive save with Motion Sense.

Special notice from the developer:

The developer (@Cepheus)  is working on a new features for the next version which includes: alarm support, cancel and snooze, Customize the floating window, and More action for the gesture pad.


Photo by Dids from Pexels