What is Easy!Appointments?

Easy!Appointments is an open-source, free, web-based, self-hosted, event scheduler and appointment manager. It is created by Alex Tselegidis, a software developer from Greece.

Easy!Appointments syncs events with Google Calendar, and similar calendar services.

It is a highly customizable, easy-to-use system, written with PHP and uses MySQL. It uses Full-Calendar which is a rich JavaScript calendar library, Moment.js to manipulate time, jQuery, and Bootstrap CSS framework.


  1. Easy to add, edit, archive, and remove events and appointments
  2. Responsive user interface that works smoothly on mobile and tablet browsers
  3. Multiple view calendar
  4. Sharable schedules and events
  5. Works seamlessly with Google Calendar
  6. Email notification regarding event changes, booking, event cancelation, and more
  7. Translated to 21 languages
  8. Developer-friendly REST API
  9. Works with WordPress CMS through a custom plugin
  10. A large community of users and developers
  11. Docker installation support
  12. CLI command (console command) to install, update, backup, and sync.


Easy!Appointments solution is released under GPL-3.0 License.