What is EDDI?

EDDI the answer to workflow and communication optimization through artificial intelligence.

EDDI (Enhanced Dialog Driven Intelligence)is an open source chatbot platform to create, run and maintain multiple customizable virtual assistant. Labs.ai, the company behind EDDI, developed it and started shipping it by default since 2018.

EDDI is important for developers who need chatbot in their apps, and basically anyone who wants to get free chatbot without having to deal with licensing issues (No attribution required).

EDDI is an open source chatbot development platform for developers by developers. It is essential to know that this platform is developed in java and provided with Docker, orchestrated with Kubernetes.

This is where EDDI comes into picture. It is an open source chatbots developer platform for conversational Artificial Intelligent.

It also allows you to build multiple chatbots with NLP, behavior Rules, API connector, Templating.


The only Open Source Chatbot Technology that is Red Hat OpenShift certified and available on the Red Hat marketplace.

EDDI Features

  • Cross-platform and works on all desktop OS’es.
  • System tray icon to easily access it at anytime.
  • Open source
  • Easy configuration
  • Easy to extend
  • Self-explanatory
  • Flexible
  • Ready to use algorithms for optimal operation
  • Red Hat certified
  • Very well due to resource oriented design and RESTful architecture
  • Support NPL Parser
  • Conversation memory
  • Better conversation decision
  • Modular Bot configuration
  • Versioned configuration
  • track changes of all your configurations
  • Flexible in NLP and Behavior
  • Fluently connect to REST APIs
  • Powerful Templating
  • Reuse Conversation Flows in multiple bots
  • Scalable

Enterprise features:

  • Optimization of communication process in company
  • Increase efficiency when working in distributed teams that are spread across multiple physical location
  • Enhance communication between your company and your customers as well as between employees
  • Relieve call center workload in times of over load by customer inquiries.
  • Increase employees satisfaction and raise productivity
  • Optimization of Collaboration in Educational Institutions
  • Communication and enthusiasm between students and educators can be facilitated by Conversational AI

Deployment option

Cross-platform and works on all desktop OS’es.

  • Google cloud platform
  • Red hat
  • Amazon Web Services
  • On- Premise


  • Java 17
  • Maven 3.8.4
  • MongoDB > 4.0


It is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 and works on Windows, macOS and Linux.