Elementary is a free open-source Periodic Table of the Elements and element reference app for Android devices that is designed to work on big and small screens like tablets, mobiles and Android TV.

The app is released under the MIT license, and it does not come with any ads, tracker scripts, or in-app purchase.

The app is available to download from the Google Play application store, the F-Droid store, and in the Amazon Appstore.

Elementary is an ideal solution for education, students, and teachers to use freely on their school or personal devices.


  • Supports large, small and medium size screen.
  • Built-in search
  • List view
  • Color elements by category
  • Display elements atomic weight
  • Zoomable Periodic Table of the Elements
  • Offers a periodic table controls
  • Tap an element to view some basic details
  • Built-in dark theme
  • Easy access to Wikipedia and a YouTube video on the element.
  • Landscape and portrait mode
  • Multiple languages support
  • Free with absolutely no ads!

Supported languages

  1. English
  2. German
  3. Italian
  4. Russian
  5. Japanese
  6. Dutch
  7. French
  8. Brazilian
  9. Norwegian

There are yet translations to be added, as the community is adding new languages.


The app and source code is released under the MIT License


  1. Source code
  2. Google Play
  3. F-Droid
  4. Amazon Appstore