Track your nutrition with this amazing free Android app: Energize

Energize is a fairly new food and nutrition for Android systems. It is totally a free and open-source application that you can download, build, install for free, and even examine the source code.

Energize app is written using Flutter and Dart programming language.


  1. Totally free application without any hidden paid features
  2. Does not include any trackers or scripts that collect your private data
  3. Track your meals including macro- and micronutrients
  4. Use several databases (currently Open Food Facts and Swiss Nutrition Database) or create custom meals
  5. Search meals by product name or just scan the EAN code
  6. Get meal suggestions based on your last tracked meals
  7. Set targets for macro- and micronutrients including calculating them based on your personal details
  8. See your daily nutrition details
  9. Create an encrypted backup with WebDAV and restore it
  10. Supports several languages
  11. Easy to backup and restore certain days
  12. calculate  nutrient count
  13. Easy change themes

Download Energize

You can get the app directly to your phone or Android tablet from here

  1. Google Play
  2. F-Droid


The project is released under The GNU General Public License v3.0 only


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