ERP5 : Open-Source ERP Platform for enterprise

ERP5 is one of the most and complete web-based ERP platform for small modern companies, designed to be flexible to fit different business areas and to be used through the web. It aims to match the requirement of globalization and increase distributed nature.

You can use ERP5 as an accounting system, CRM, HR, Inventory management, manufacturing system, eCommerce system, POS, KM, and more.

It is used by banks, governments, and corporations to reduce complexity, and increase flexibility.

It is a good solution for developers that needs a quick solution for invoicing and accounting.

With it, you will achieve many successes in your business for example you will be able to define properties to better organize your company, you will be ready to train your staff after deploying a standard ERP5 setup, and more.

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  1. Manageable
  2. Support report
  3. Document-based
  4. Purchase order
  5. Sales invoice
  6. Packing list
  7. Web-based platform
  8. Open-source
  9. Flexible
  10. Generic
  11. ERP5 uses state machine representation
  12. Used to hardcore decision workflows
  13. Based on database stored procedures
  14. Only ERP based on a NoSQL approach
  15. Flexible Data Model and Forms
  16. Financials, trading, production management
  17. CRM: Customer relation management features
  18. Reduces complexity of configuration
  19. Unified business platform
  20. Fully accessed through APIs

Tech Stack

ERP5, written in python language and based on Zope object database(ZODB).

It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Ingres, Sphinx as databases.


It is compatible with any operating system including Linux, macOS, Windows.


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