Exir EMR is a new open-source EMR solution that aims to manage small clinics.

Despite it comes in a small compact size, it is packed with dozens of useful features to assist in managing the clinical workflow as patient admission, patient profile management, patient file management, and reporting.


  1. Patient Registration and Searching
  2. Patient diagnosis
  3. Drug prescription
  4. Lab results in entry and verification
  5. Treatment payments
  6. Drug dispersing
  7. Drug entry
  8. Adding a User and Assigning Roles
  9. Track User System Activities
  10. Print Reports
  11. Accounting
  12. PWA Mobile portable files
  13. Timetable manager
  14. Admission workflow

Patient profile management

Interface languages

  1. English
  2. Persian

Tech stack

  • C#
  • SQL server