Nowadays, there is almost an app for anything, even managing families. It may be an absurd idea for some, but many may need it especially for big families.

Mea-Familia is designed for this purpose. It is an open-source web-based self-hosted system to manage family members, their activities, chores, shopping list, stocks, and household tasks.

If you think that's the limit, you are wrong, it also helps members to manage their pets, equipments, bank account, and budgets.

That's not all, it helps families also keep track of their menu, food, recipes, CD libraries, DVD lists, video games, and playlists.

Mea-Familia is built on PHP and uses MySQL for the database.

Currently, Mea-Familia supports English and French languages.


The software package is released under an unusual license: EUPL-1.2 or European Union Public License version 1.2.