FIREFLY III: Free Cloud-ready personal finance management system

When it comes to managing persona finances, there are many options that come to mind, however, most of them are designed to work on cloud or as desktop apps.

Well, that's not the case with FireFly III as it designed as a web-based system that work well for multiple family members without a hustle.

FireFly III is a free open-source software that helps users to manage their personal finances, cashflow, credit cards, expanses and more.


Unlike other personal finance management software which are mostly desktop apps, FireFly III is a self-hosted web-based cloud system, Which means users can install it on their personal cloud/ web-server.

Why self-hosted?

One of the best advantages of using self-hosted is that its accessibility from different locations, machines and through  modern web browsers.


FireFly III
  1. Self-hosted
  2. Full-data control
  3. Low server requirements
  4. Developer-friendly REST-API
  5. Multiple account support
  6. Responsive design
  7. Supports all modern browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla FireFox)
  8. Double-entry bookkeeping system
  9. Role-based transaction system
  10. Piggy bank management
  11. Liabilities tracking
  12. Full budgets control
  13. Saving accounts management
  14. income and outcome exports
  15. Multiple currency support
  16. Simple view and clear layout
  17. Easy-access navigation
  18. Charts and diagrams
  19. Docker installation support
  20. Rich and clear documentation
  21. Multiple-server/ hosting installation support
  22. Automated recurring transactions' management support
  23. Credit cards support
  24. Shared accounts
  25. Predict and anticipate bills
  26. Liabilities (loans, mortgages)
  27. 2 factors authentication for extra security


However, server solutions are not easy to install for normal computer users, as it require fair knowledge of system and server administration.

Multiple setup options

FireFly III provides a detailed documentation of setup on different hosting platforms and technologies which include:

  1. Bare-bone server
  2. Docker
  3. Softaculous installation system
  4. AMPPS server package
  5. Cloudron
  6. Lando server
  7. Yunohost


FireFly III is released under AGPL-3.0 license.


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