Various mail services provide the opportunity to use a wide range of features for free. It can be difficult for the user to choose the best option. However, a modern person does not have time to test each of the services to find the best deal in the market. At the same time, it’s unpleasant to find out that the desired function is not available a couple of weeks after switching to a new service. In fact, the free access email service list is very large. But among them are the most reliable options that have been successfully operating for a long time.

1- Outlook

This free email service is the best solution for users of Microsoft services. Outlook can filter incoming messages and use the built-in calendar. It is integrated into all company services, which makes it convenient to use various popular applications. One can additionally connect Skype, Facebook, Trello, and even PayPal. At the same time, you can work with the above applications without leaving the main page. Outlook inboxes offer integration with many well-known applications. If you want to migrate from another service, you will have to transfer all your data in the format called eml to Outlook. For this purpose, you can use a convenient migration tool.

2- Gmail

This resource is owned by Google. Therefore, the free Gmail inbox is a great app for Android device users. A mailbox is automatically created when you create a new Google account. Gmail is also part of Google Workplace – a suite of applications that let you chat, initiate video conferences, and send small files between people in a group. Among the services in the package is a popular and convenient calendar where you can mark events, meetings, and activities. All Google accounts get 15 GB of virtual space to store emails and other files.

3- email accounts are a good choice for self-employed users and freelancers. This resource has many nice features that will help you effectively organize the workflow and establish contact with customers. The main disadvantage is the small storage, which is only 2 GB. But the lack of free storage is compensated by other functions of Mail.

4- AOL mail

The main feature of the resource is that there are no restrictions on the amount of space used. This means that thousands of emails with large files attached can be stored on the company’s servers for years without the risk of being deleted. AOL is often used to store files and endless emails from different sites. Thus, AOL mail can become a good archive.

8- ProtonMail

This is a Swiss mailing service characterized by a stylish design and a high level of customer protection. ProtonMail is open source so that every user can get acquainted with all the nuances of encryption. You can use mail from any device with Internet access, installation is not required.