Flow is an open-source task manager and habit tracker

What is Flow Habit Tracker?

Flow is a feature-rich habit tracker and personal data analytics app that lets you keep focus on what matters.

It is a self-hosted app which means you can download the code, and run it at your device or remote server.


  1. Responsive user-friendly interface
  2. It comes with a rich informative dashboard with dozens of visual elements and charts
  3. Daily journal / survey
  4. Configurable questions
  5. Optional location pickup & mapping
  6. Extract @mentions and #tags from configured open-ended responses (auto-suggest)
  7. Segment analysis of journals by tag (highlight journal days with/without + show averages)
  8. Habit tracking Ala habits app
  9. With weekly targets
  10. Commitments
  11. Optional daily targets for 'countable' habits
  12. Tracking top tasks for each day
  13. Analyze tasks completed: on time, late, not completed, on each given day
  14. Monthly/year/long-term goals
  15. Goal assessment report at end of month
  16. Rating for each goal monthly defined
  17. Ongoing Projects tracking
  18. Track time of each progress increment
  19. Link tasks with projects
  20. Define labeled milestones
  21. View 'burn-up' chart of completion progress over time
  22. Analysis
  23. Show summary charts of all data reported to platform
  24. Google Assistant / Home / Facebook Messenger integration for actions like:
  25. "How am I doing"
  26. "What are my goals for this month"
  27. "Mark 'run' as complete"
  28. "Daily report"
  29. Reading widget
  30. Show currently-reading articles / books
  31. Sync quotes from Evernote / Kindle
  32. Sync articles from Pocket
  33. Mark articles / books as favorites, and add notes
  34. Quotes & articles fully searchable
  35. Flash card widget for spreadsheet access (e.g., random quotes, excerpts)
  36. Export all data to CSV
  37. Integrates with several data sources: Public GitHub commits, Google Fit, Evernote, Pocket, Good reads, and Google Home
  38. Integrates with BigQuery
  39. REST-API


Flow is an open-source project that is released under the MIT License.


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