Flox: Keep An Eye on Your Favorite TV Series and Movies

Flox: Keep An Eye on Your Favorite TV Series and Movies

Flox is a free open source self-hosted movies, TV series, and anime watch list, that allows you to easily track your favorite releases and get notified as soon they are aired.

It uses the Movie Database API, and it is built on top of Laravel, and Vue.js.

You can also use it to browse the movies and series database and make a use of its rating system which allows you to rate and discover good, bad, or medium rated productions.


  • API for Plex.
  • Sync movies, shows and watched episodes from Plex to Flox.
  • Episode Tracking.
  • Suggestions.
  • Watchlist.
  • Popular Movies and Shows, Upcoming and Current Movies.
  • The lists are updated daily.
  • Calendar.
  • A simple calendar for your episodes and movies.
  • Movies and TV shows have different colors for better differentiation. You can also use the arrow keys to jump months forward or backward.
  • Reminders.



git clone https://github.com/devfake/flox cd flox/backend composer install php artisan flox:init # Enter here your database credentials

Enter your TMDb API-Key in backend/.env. Then run:

php artisan flox:db # Running migrations and enter your admin credentials for the site

  • Give backend/storage, public/assets and public/exports recursive write access.
  • Set the correct APP_URL in backend/.env.
  • Set your CLIENT_URI in backend/.env.

# CLIENT_URI=/flox/public
# CLIENT_URI=/subfolder/for/flox/public
# CLIENT_URI=/https://mydomain.com


Flox is published under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.