Flyer: Open Source Messaging UI Library for Flutter and React Native

Actively maintained, community-driven chat UI implementation with an optional Firebase BaaS.

Flyer: Open Source Messaging UI Library for Flutter and React Native

Flyer is a free open source library that allows developers to create a reactive fancy messaging/ chat app in almost no time. It is available in two editions: React Native and Flutter framework.

The developers offer a Firebase edition support for both React Native and Flutter.

If you do not want to use Firebase, you care use the bare bone edition and easily integrate it with any backend you want.

Flyer offers support for:

  1. Links preview
  2. Files upload
  3. Images display

Why should you consider using Flyer?

  • Free, open-source and community-driven. We offer no paid plugins and strive to create an easy-to-use, almost drop-in chat experience for any application. Contributions are more than welcome!
  • Backend agnostic. You can choose the backend you prefer. But if you don't have one, we provide our own free and open-source Firebase implementation, which can be used to create a working chat in minutes. We are also working on our more advanced SaaS and self-hosted solutions.
  • Customizable. Supports custom themes, locales and more.
  • Minimum dependencies. Our packages are lightweight. Use your favorite packages for selecting images, opening files etc.


  1. Flutter Chat UI
  2. Flutter Chat UI with Firebase
  3. React Native Chat UI
  4. React Native Chat UI with Firebase


The project source code is released under the Apache 2.0 License.