Fo-DICOM is an open-source DICOM parser library for Windows platform and the Mono Framework. It also works for the Unity games engine, as many developers built DICOM and Radiology apps on top of it.

The project is packed by a strong community of contributors, who keep it updated and ready to be used in production and enterprise apps.


  • Targets .NET Standard 2.0
  • DICOM dictionary version 2022b
  • High-performance, fully asynchronous async/await API
  • JPEG (including lossless), JPEG-LS, JPEG2000, and RLE image compression (via additional package)
  • Supports very large datasets with content loading on demand
  • Image rendering to System.Drawing.Bitmap or SixLabors.ImageSharp
  • JSON and XML export/import
  • Anonymization
  • DICOM services
  • Customize components via DI container
  • Developer-friendly documentation
  • Many sample applications


This library is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL). See License.txt for more information.