Focalboard: OS Trello Alternative with full desktop support for Windows, Linux and macOS

Focalboard: OS Trello Alternative with full desktop support for Windows, Linux and macOS
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Focalboard is a kanban-based app for server and desktops. It is totally free open-source app which team and individuals can install and use without any charge.

The app works smoothly on macOS (M1 edition), and we start using it on regular basis. It also does not require a steep learning curve, everything is self-explanatory, which makes it a productive tool for developers.

Focalboard supports multiple board, multiple languages and comes with import and export options for boards and tasks, making it easy to migrate.

The app developers offer two editions:  a standalone desktop edition for solo developers, freelancers and individual users, and a server-base web app which aims for team collaboration.

We highly recommend this app for small teams and developers, designers and anyone interested to organize his tasks in Kanban style.

Focalboard server edition stores the data in SQLite database by default, but you can choose MySQL or PostgreSQL as alternative databases for production.


  1. Kanban-based interface
  2. Seamless drag-n-drop
  3. Table view
  4. Full control over cards
  5. Drag-n-drop cards
  6. Duplicate cards and boards
  7. Multiple board support
  8. Notes
  9. Board and task filters
  10. Search with full-text search support
  11. Group tasks by author, date, type and category
  12. Tags
  14. Board groups
  15. Filter board and tasks by status
  16. Filter by due date
  17. Board templates
  18. Share boards among team members
  19. Desktop support for (Windows, Linux and macOS)
  20. Archives
  21. Import and Export board
  22. Supports multiple languages
  23. 4 Default themes
  24. Docker installation support
  25. Text-based configuration file for the server edition


1- Self-hosted server edition

Self-hosted server app which runs seamlessly on Linux and Windows servers.

2- Desktop standalone apps

  1. Windows
  2. macOS
  3. Linux

Install your Trello alternative on DigitalOcean

You can install DigitalOcean on Ubuntu server and start working on it with your team in matter of mins.  


Focalboard is released as an open-source project under MIT license.


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