Fonoster: The Free Open-source Platform for Building Voice Apps

Fonoster: The Free Open-source Platform for Building Voice Apps
Photo by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) / Unsplash

Fonoster is a free open-source platform that allows you to build voice applications and integrate them with your business app. It is the ultimate open-source counterpart for the popular Twilio platform.

Fonoster comes with a set of features and offers some developer-friendly tools that eases the building of voice-based intelligent apps.

It offers authentication with OAuth2, JWT tokens, a storage options to store, organize, and serve sounds and records on Amazon S3, and also it allows developers to create custom functions within the platform.

Fonoster has a developer-friendly documentation, a rich API reference and a comprehensive guide on how to start building your app.

The project is packed by a strong community of developers and enterprise customers.

NodeJS and NodeJS frameworks

Node developers can jump into creating Fonoster apps quickly by the help of the docs, using the CLI tool and the NodeSDK.

Fonoster NodeSDK works well with many JavaScript frameworks as React, Vue, React Native, Angular and Blaze.

If you want to use it for a browser-based app you can either install it from NPM or using the WebSDK for Browserify or Webpack. However, for a simple HTML app, you can direcly use the WebSDK via CDN.


Most of the project code is released under the MIT License


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