Foodies is a free open-source full stack JavaScript web application for foodies who want to share and view photos of delicious food.

The project is written with React, and Express.js, uses Tailwind CSS framework and PostgreSQL for data store.

The app is similar to Instagram in terms of login, usability, design, image interaction and user profiles.

How does the app look like?


What can the user do?

  • User can create a post
  • User can view their posts
  • User can update their posts
  • User can delete their posts
  • User can like a post
  • User can unlike a post
  • User can comment on posts
  • User can view all posts
  • User can sign up for an account
  • User can sign in to their account
  • User can sign out of their account
  • User can view other profiles
  • User can follow a profile
  • User can search for profiles
  • User can edit their profile
  • User can set places in map