Top 6 Free & Open source Veterinary Practice Management Software

Top 6 Free  & Open source Veterinary Practice Management Software

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Veterinary practice often requires specific features in its management solutions, The workflow is quite different, new data elements, treatment workflow and often some veterinary clinics require shelter management.

It is hard to use electronic medical records (EMR) solutions, in the veterinary practice management, therefore we compiled this list with the most usable and active, open source and free veterinary management software.

1- OpenVPMS

 One of the oldest running open source veterinary management software, despite the old user interface, OpenVPMS is a feature-rich solution built to match the increasing demand of different settings on veterinary clinics.

OpenVPMS features

  • Customer management
  • Patient Management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Secure data transfer
  • Financial management
  • Stock management

OpenVPMS has been built to support different clinics in multiple locations as it also provides cloud installation and single machine install.

  • Platform : Server : Linux, Client : Web browser (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX)
  • License : OpenVPMS license
  • OpenVPMS website, Code

2- Vettev

Vettev Veterinary management software- src 

Vettev is a free open source veterinary management software, built to manage all aspects of running a veterinary clinic including accounting, billing, medical records and reporting.

Vettev features:

  • Medical records management
  • Appointments management
  • Treatment management
  • Reports
  • Customer records

Server based structure allowing access Vettev from different locations/ machines at the same time

3- Ababu

Ababu Veterinary practice management

Ababu is a free open source veterinary management software. It supports multilingual and different installation models ( cloud based or standalone/ single machine ). Ababu has very easy to use user-interface and sets of features to manage all the running aspects of veterinary clinics.

Ababu version 2.0 is currently under active development by the core developer. However, Ababu version 1.0 has is available to download and fairly easy to install and use. While Ababu version 2.0 is currently, being developed with .NET (C#), Ababu version 1.0 has been developed by PHP. Ababu version 1.0 demos is available here.

Ababu version 1.0 ( PHP ) demo screenshot - src
  • License : open source
  • development status : version 1.0 stable , version 2.0 in progress active
  • Platforms : version 1.0 (Standalone cloud: Server:linux, client:browser)
  • Ababu Website and download

4- Animal Shelter Manager

Animal Shelter manager

 Animal Shelter manager was an open-source solution built to manage animal shelters. It has been built as a Client-Server solution to provide accessibility for multiple users/ machines/ locations. Currently, Animal Shelter Manager is cloud base service provider for animal shelters.

 Animal Shelter manager is providing records management for animals in shelters including their locations, status, conditions, medications. It also provides accounting and billing management.

Animal Shelter manager has all features set to manage veterinary practice as :

  • Medical records
  • Customer records
  • Appointment management
  • Financial management
  • Laboratory management
  • Waiting room management
  • Vaccinations management
  • Reporting manager
  • Data import and export

 To know more about Shelter manager full features you may check their tour and demo  

Shelter Manager on mobile

 Shelter Manager comes with a very responsive design to work on mobile browsers, which is the perfect fit for large animal shelters, clinics, and farms.

Animal Shelter manager has been released first as an open source solution Though the open source version is still available on, The currently available version requires payments as a subscription-based model per month/ year from animal shelters.

5 - Evette

Evette is an open source veterinary clinic/ practice management, It has features-rich interface, and native look design for Linux/ Windows. Though it has not been updated since 2015, It is getting downloads every week.


Animal medical records, Customers records management, billing management, operations, medication, procedures

  • Platforms : Windows, Linux
  • Development status : discontinued  (listed for comparison purposes)
  • License : GPL
  • Evette website

6 - VetGeo : (free cloud-based veterinary management solution)

VetGeo Dashboard 

 VetGeo is a free cloud-based veterinary management solution, providing full functionality and features to create multiple veterinary clinics, adding staff with ease.

 VetGeo is a features-rich complete system with professional enterprise grade user-interface.  It's not an open-source project, yet it is free, so we have decided to add it in this list to help those are looking for similar solutions.

VetGeo Features:

  • Records management
  • Customers management
  • Staff management
  • Appointment management
  • Reporting
  • Multiple clinics
  • Users management including staff groups and permissions.
  • Billing management
  • Inventory management
  • Platform : Web based
  • License : Free cloud-based service
  • Website

Note: There are other open sources veterinary practice management software has been released over the past 15 years, Unfortunately, they have been discounted or abandoned by their developers so we choose to not put them on this list.

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