Create triangulated illustrations with astonishing open-source free: FOSStriangulator

People are fascinated with a triangle-based logo and arts they have seen on the internet.  It's an eye candy to see an animal image turned to a triangular vector graphic logo.

Not long ago, it was a trend, as dozens of designers created tutorials on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Inkscape on how to create such a wonderful art.

While the tutorials focuses on a design-based approach,
Mirek Mazel, an open-source developer released a nice lightweight app that follows a different approach.

FOSStriangulator offers a simpler technique to trace images with  dots connect several triangles to form a geometric shape.

The workflow is simple, import a photo, trace the outline of the object with dots, and you have your art.

You can switch between different views: original, dots, triangle and mesh, with a handy shortcuts.

Under the hood

The program is built with Java and using Processing, ControlP5 and Triangulation Java Library which is built by Johannes Diemke.


The application is available for download for Windows and Linux as a Flatpak package.

Unfortunately, it does not have a package for on macOS, but you can easily download and run the source code at your macOS machine.

It is a fairly new app, so stay tuned.

One issue we have to mention here, the application quits as soon you press Escape button.


FOSStriangulator is released as an open-source application under GNU General Public License version 2.0.


  1. Linux
  2. Windows

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