FQM: A Libre Free Queue Management System

Managing a long line of crowds is a tricky business. At a certain point, the service should be automated to ensure disciplinary queue management among the customers.

What is FQM?

FQM “Free Queue Manager” is a queue management program, aims to help services automate and manage crowd queues.

FQM is a self-hosted web-based solution that uses web technologies as Flask (Python), HTML5, Bootstrap framework, and jQuery (JavaScript Library).

The solution is created by Mohamed Feddad, a full-stack developer and an open-source enthusiast.

As an open-source self-hosted solution, anyone can download and install it on a local server, or a remote server without worrying about the cost.

FQM features full support for POS-USB printers and automated text-to-speech announcements.

The system comes with a simple but customizable user interface.


FQM is released under MPL-2.0 (Mozilla Public License 2.0) License


FQM rums smoothly on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Setup and install FQM

You can find the package executable for your preferred operating system, however, you can also install it from the source.


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