Frank framework Low-code Open-source Messaging Framework

Framework is an easy-to-use, stateless integration framework which allows (transactional) messages to be modified and exchanged between different systems.

Frank framework Low-code Open-source Messaging Framework

Frank Framework is a free open-source low-code messaging framework that allows developer to connect systems, integrate services and create a data applications.

It is an open-source platform to quickly build enterprise applications. To have an enterprise application, or as we say a Frank, you have to deploy the Frank!Framework in combination with XML configuration files.


  • Rich developer-oriented documentation.
  • Built with Java.
  • Comes with advanced statistics, and performance metrics.
  • Dynamic monitoring, logging and push events.
  • Status based redelivery for failed messages
  • Message based debugging and unit testing, system testing and regression testing for your Java application


The project is released under the Apache-2.0 license.


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