Free and Open Source TeleConsultation Software for Healthcare

Free and Open Source TeleConsultation Software for Healthcare
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If you are looking for a free embeddable telehealth app that provides secure and reliable communication functionality try Q-Consultation Lite powered by QuickBox. Q-Consultation Lite provides a virtual room experience, enabling providers to conduct private video consultations with patients, together with a virtual patient queue.

As a leading CPaaS provider, QuickBlox has a track record of providing high quality communication solutions for a variety of industries. Q-Consultation was originally built to meet the extraordinary demand for remote communication by QuickBlox’s customers during COVID-19.

Having seen firsthand the benefits in healthcare delivery using this app, the QuickBlox team have expanded the availability of the app, and just launched a free version with open source code downloadable from GitHub. Developers are able to try the software at no cost.

What is Q-Consultation Lite?

Q-Consultation Lite is a free open source code that allows developers to integrate a robust virtual room with video consultation and private messaging app into any healthcare platform. The software is a ready web and mobile responsive application and compatible with iOS, Android, and the Web. If you choose to host the app with the QuickBlox HIPAA cloud it is also HIPAA-compliant.

The app comes with multiple features including instant messaging, files sharing, video recording, note-taking etc. You are also able to customize the app to meet your particular use case, adapting the branding and screen flow.

The great thing about this application is that it can be integrated into an existing healthcare platform, including a hospital’s EHR system.

What is Q-Consultation Lite used for?

Q-Consultation Lite can be used for a variety of use cases. Here’s a snapshot of how some existing healthcare customers have put it to use.

Acute Patient Care

Q-Consultation has been used to support doctors working in acute patient care. During the pandemic when social distancing was a must, especially in an acute care setting, one group of doctors relied on Q-Consultation for secure communication with healthcare professionals and their patient’s relatives who were unable to attend in-person consultations. What’s more, that app was integrated into the hospital's own EHR, ensuring that chat history and notes were easily accessed and transferrable.

Home Care

Q-Consultation is an ideal solution for supporting the needs of a Home Care Service. For patients unable to travel easily for in-person healthcare visits, healthcare professionals are able to monitor them remotely, checking in via weekly or daily video calls. The use of this technology saves them significant time and money, and ensures ongoing care.

Post-Acute Care

Q-Consultation has also been adopted by post-acute wound care clinicians, who need to be able to document and assess wounds quickly and easily.  Q-Consultation has been integrated into their wound management platform, empowering clinicians to  monitor and treat wounds and schedule virtual meetings with other clinicians for consultation.

Routine check-ups

Perhaps the most obvious way Q-Consultation has been adopted, especially in the era of Covid-19, is to conduct routine check-ups and consultations remotely. Limiting the cost of no-show appointments and reducing pressure on clinical resources, remote virtual appointments have proven their utility.

Try Q-Consultation Lite for Free, Today

QuickBlox are keen to get the word out about their free teleconsultation software. In addition to the downloadable app, they also offer detailed documentation for easy integration and free web integration screens. If you are looking for a free telehealth app, but don’t want to compromise on quality, security, or features then Q-Consultation Lite might be the right solution for you.