18 Free SVG Design Resources To Enrich Your Design in 2024

18 Free SVG Design Resources To Enrich Your Design in 2024

In the dynamic realm of design, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) has firmly established itself as an essential tool for designers aiming to craft responsive, sharp, and adaptable visuals. As we confidently stride towards 2024, it's high time to supercharge your design projects with superior, complimentary SVG resources.

These designs are ideal for slideshow PowerPoint presentations, app design, website design, prototyping, social media posts, and more. In this post, we're presenting an exclusive selection of 20 exceptional SVG design resources that will undoubtedly elevate your creative pursuits and infuse an extra layer of elegance into your designs.

These resources aren't just free of charge, but they're also extremely versatile, meeting a wide range of design requirements. So, without further ado, let's dive headfirst into these abundant mines of SVG design assets.


This exceptional website provides an impressive array of vector SVG human designs that you hold the power to effortlessly personalize. Assert your creativity by modifying their attire, hair hues, appearances, and dynamics.

It is an ideal option if you are building a website, a mobile app or even making a prototype for your ideas.

1. Undraw

Undraw has become popular among designers because it offers dozens of beautifully crafted SVG designs. These designs can be used for various purposes including mobile app screens, website designs, social media posts, posters, and even PowerPoint slides.

You have the option to customize colors and download images in a ready-to-use SVG format.

Undraw offers a truly flexible open-source license. This enables designers and developers to use the designs in both personal and commercial projects without any attribution or cost.

2. The SVGRepo project

The SVGRepo project provides over 500,000 open-licensed SVG vectors and icons for commercial and personal use. It offers ML-powered search for easy vector finding, allows basic editing without design software, and ensures all vectors are optimized.

The platform encourages community sharing and does not charge for assets or show premium content. It also features a wide range of vector collections.

3. Glaze

Glaze is a project that provides free illustrations for various uses. It offers a curated royalty-free illustration library, making it an ideal choice for obtaining free SVG resources for upcoming projects.

4. Absurd Design

Absurd Design confidently presents a collection of surrealist illustrations and vector art. Our artwork stands out with its whimsical, hand-drawn style that champions imperfection and creativity.

The site is a tribute to human creativity, providing top-notch, imaginative art that is a step away from AI generation. Distinguished by our unique and expressive designs, Absurd Design has garnered acclaim and is highly respected by designers and marketers worldwide.

The website offers a membership plans offer the promise of regular updates and premium support. Users can dive in and purchase illustrations to take their projects to the next level.

Absurd Design - Free Surrealist Illustrations and Vector Art
Download surrealist illustrations. Use free vector art for your landing pages, presentations and apps. These artworks combine the absurdity and childishness.

5. Free SVG Illustrations By LukaszAdam

Lukasz Adam's website confidently provides free SVG illustrations for all uses under the CC0 license, eliminating the need for attribution. Users have the freedom to download diverse illustrations at no cost, or upgrade to a PRO package for an unbeatable price of just $9, unlocking additional premium illustrations.

The site is a robust resource for creative projects, supplying top-tier, open-source vector art. Inquiries for custom work are not only welcome, but enthusiastically encouraged.

6. Illlustrations.co

Illlustrations.co provides over 120 open-source illustrations, ideal for landing pages, mobile apps, and presentations. These illustrations are available in AI, SVG, PNG, EPS, and Figma formats. They are free for both personal and commercial use without the need for credit or licensing.

7. Game-icons.net

Game-icons.net offers a vast collection of over 4,000 free icons in SVG and PNG formats, perfect for game developers and app designers. The icons are categorized for easy browsing and regularly updated with new designs.

Users can customize the icons' colors, sizes, and effects due to the scalable vector format. The site is community-driven, welcoming feedback and requests through GitHub. All icons are available under a Creative Commons license, ensuring free and flexible use.

8. Usesmash

The website usesmash.com offers a constructor with over 250 illustrations for creating unique scenes, ideal for illustrating startup ideas. The trendy, colorful characters can be modified and overlapped. The constructor is free for both commercial and personal use.

9. Pimp My Drawing

Pimp My Drawing stands at the forefront of artistic innovation, transforming your artwork into vibrant illustrations that exude professionalism and creativity. Users can confidently entrust their artwork to our expert team, who will impeccably elevate it to a polished masterpiece. Whether you're an artist seeking to amplify your designs or require top-tier visuals for a range of projects, our service is the unmatched solution.

10. Flaticon

Flaticon is an online platform that provides a vast library of free and premium icons, making it a go-to resource for designers and creatives alike. These icons are available in a variety of versatile formats, including PNG, SVG, and EPS, catering to different project requirements.

Rather than just offering singular icons, Flaticon also allows users to download pre-curated collections, which are thoughtfully arranged around diverse themes. This makes it easy to maintain consistent visuals across a project.

The platform is particularly useful for those engaged in web and app design, where icons play a critical role in user interface and experience. Additionally, Flaticon provides an array of customization options. Users can adjust color, size, and orientation of icons to align with their project aesthetics, ensuring a seamless integration of these visual elements into their design. This combination of variety, versatility, and customization makes Flaticon a valuable tool in any designer's toolkit.

11. DrawKit

DrawKit offers a variety of free, high-quality, customizable illustrations and icons suitable for web and app projects. The site features hand-drawn and vector styles, available in different formats for easy integration. Both free and premium options are provided, with illustrations designed to enhance user interfaces and presentations.

12. Ira Design

Ira Design offers a unique collection of customizable illustrations, featuring diverse characters and scenes in a vibrant, gradient style. Ideal for web and mobile interfaces, these illustrations are free to use, with various formats available for easy integration into your projects.

13. Icons8 Illustrations

Icons8 Illustrations offers a vast collection of free vector and 3D illustrations suitable for various projects, including websites, mobile apps, and presentations. These illustrations can be customized and downloaded in multiple formats. Icons8 provides high-quality visuals and a user-friendly interface for effortless integration.

The illustrations are free for personal and commercial use, but there are also premium options available for those seeking more specialized content.

14. LS Graphics' "Pof-Pof!"

LS Graphics' "Pof-Pof!" offers an inspirational pack of illustrations perfect for various UI projects like websites and applications. These illustrations are designed for easy editing and come in multiple formats including Figma, Sketch, Illustrator, Affinity, and XD.

The pack is available for purchase, but some assets can be downloaded for free. While free versions are available, the full access subscription starts at $10/month.

15. GEE! ME

GEE! ME is a great set of flat graphics required, 100 cartoon characters and over 400 coolest objects. You can use it in any design or development projects. It’s completely free and just enjoy it~

16. Personas

The Personas project enables you to create and customize your avatar with simple clicks. And by customize/ design we need every aspect of your avatar such as eyes, hair, nose, glasses, skin colors, ears, head shape and more.

The project is built by a draftit, which is an agency specialized in creating native mobile apps.

17. OpenDoodles

An amazing creative set of doodles-art in vector format that you can download in SVG or PNG format.

18. PixelTrue

Pixel True offers a comprehensive design service, providing businesses with a dedicated team of skilled designers, illustrators, and project managers to create high-quality assets.

The platform ensures efficient communication, timely delivery, and unlimited design requests and revisions. This service is particularly ideal for mobile app development due to its focus on UI/UX design, quick turnaround times, and the ability to create tailored, visually appealing graphics and animations.

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