Friday is an Open-source Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant technology defines as an application program that uses semantic and deep learning. It can also call an AI assistant or digital assistant. It helps users or enterprises to assist people or automate tasks.

Any virtual assistant will perform various administrative tasks, including answering emails, making travel arrangements ad scheduling a meeting. For all of these features of course you will need a strong internet connection, along with experience using communication tools such as skype.

What is Friday?

Friday is an open-source virtual assistant app written with Python. It uses the system for backend analysis of requests.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. It's come with a flexible plugin system.
  3. Fully automated tests using Travis CI build system.
  4. It comes with a simple codebase.
  5. Support Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  6. Modular system that comes with several built-in plugins
  7. Support Google's speech-to-text.
  8. Easy to integrate in your Python projects
  9. Uses the system for backend analysis of requests.
  10. Every plugin has to have a certain layout to function properly.

Planned Feature

  1. Asynchronous behavior
  2. Fully functionality tests with example output
  3. Allowing the system to do more without an internet connection
  4. Backup systems that work without internet
  5. Input plugins that allow different front-ends to be used to communicate with the assistant.
  6. Loading plugins that allow the assistant to delay the user while the back-end is processing
  7. Output plugins, which allow the assistant to respond using different output systems like a GUI or text to speech
  8. Developer-friendly documentation


To use Friday

From there, the bot can be interacted with directly to test functionality.

To run Friday from the command line:

Python -m friday.cli


Friday, licensed under the MIT license.


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