Frontity is an Open-source React Framework for better WordPress Headless Experience

WordPress is considered the most popular CMS (Content Management System) ever built. It is used by millions of companies, individuals, and enterprise. WordPress has a vast ecosystem, which is full of themes, plugins, and apps.

With WordPress, developers can build more than websites, they can build apps, as it offers a built-in headless mode, which allows developers to use WordPress as a backend for their mobile and web apps, or integrate it with other apps.

WordPress powers more than a third of the web, it is easy-to-use, manage, and scale.

React is a free, open-source JavaScript front-end application for building interactive real-time apps. It is developed and maintained by Facebook, and released under MIT License. It is used by countless developers.

Frontity is a React-based framework that makes a use of WordPress to build interactive blogs, CMS, and apps.

It is easy to integrate, connect, and plays well with other React frameworks.  It is used and supported by a large community of experienced developers.


  1. Easy-to-integrate
  2. Requires almost no setup
  3. Frontity offers a built-in SSR (Server-side rendering)
  4. SEO friendly
  5. Fast: Frontity sends a navigation-ready HTML page that is immediately usable, so the initial load feels almost instant.
  6. Frontity powers a flexible extensibility pattern similar to WordPress. Themes and extensions can be activated without code changes.
  7. Supports decoupled and embedded modes
  8. Well documented

Battle Tested

Used by millions of readers Frontity is proven and ideal for building fast and engaging frontend experiences. Learn more.


Frontity is licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.


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