Getting Started in Apex Legends: A Beginner's Guide (by Arham Akhtar)

Getting Started in Apex Legends: A Beginner's Guide (by Arham Akhtar)
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Apex Legends is a popular battle royale game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Whether you're a fan of shooter games or looking for something new and exciting, Apex Legends can be a great place to start.

But before you jump in and start playing, it's vital to understand how the game works. Moreover, what strategies will give you the best experience and aid you in winning over your enemies?

In this blog, we will learn about Apex Legends and the gameplay!

It all starts with your Legend!

Before starting the game, you need to select your legend. There are several legends in the game, and each legend has similar statistics, but their abilities are diverse.

As they have unique abilities, they also have game plays and moves that coexist with themselves. If you are forming a squad, it is necessary to have legends that fill up and support each other’s legends.

Will you be a long-distance surprise attacker for the team or a shield that supports them? The choice is yours to make!

Choose Your Weapons

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Weapons play a vital role when surviving the battle royale. You should be careful while choosing your weapons as they can make or break the game. According to experts, SMGs are the best for close combat. So, if you find one, be sure to pick it up.

For long-range fights, snipers or assault rifles should do the trick. Players should also consider picking up shotguns as they can prove very useful in confined spaces like narrow passages and buildings.

Going Over Patch Notes

After picking your Legend, go over Patch Notes, and with that, you can update yourself on the game. Since its release in February 2019, it has gone through several seasons, and Apex Legends is now in season 5 of Battle Royale.

In each game's season, the changes come in numerous things, such as loot, maps, the color of damaged goods, or even introducing several new characters. You can opt for Lifeline, Wraith, and Octane because they are simple to play with.

Also, people go for Apex Boosting services that assist in ranking up smoothly. 

Drops: Which Places on the Map are the Best?

When you start the game, choose a place from the map to drop. It is crucial to look for a safe place, so no one attacks you as soon as you land.

Players opt for locations like Canyon and World's Edge. As they are safe, you will get good loot right away. That will help you later in the game. Once you are an expert, you can select other zones, but for beginners, these two places are good for getting a head start.

Keep your Squad Close

You should keep your squad close, as they will protect you as well. Moreover, people don't attack squad members when they are close to each other. It will help you stay alive and carry on for a longer time in the game.

Like they say in games, the best strategy to win is to work together with your team.

Keep Moving and Make Use of Cover

To make the best out of loot and leveling up, you and your squad need to move from one place to another. Now, that may include entering zones that are difficult to handle because of the traps laid by others.

But if you stay in one place, your squad won't be able to level up, get looted, and get attacked by various other squads. Furthermore, make sure that you have a suitable cover to rely on in case of an emergency during a battle.

Reviving and Respawning

As it is a game that involves teamwork, make sure you have an eye on your squad and revive them if they are down. If your squad is down, the only way to get back in the game is by respawning.

But, if you have teammates who can still fight, it's better to revive them as it might cost less time and resources than respawning. You can only win through teamwork, and if that is a problem, you might need to reconsider your winning strategies.

Working with your squad and keeping note of all other actions is essential in games such as Apex Legends.

Waste Nothing

If you get a new power-up, shield, or weapon, use them wisely. The better the weapons are, the better results it will fetch.

If you find a weapon that you already have, you can give it to your teammate. That way, it can help you win the game.

You should also be aware of the time limit. If you have to reach a certain point within a specific amount of time, make sure you stick to it, or else your team might end up losing the game.

Thus, practice and strategize with your squad to make the most out of every resource that comes your way. It will help you go from a beginner to an expert, leading you to bigger loot.

Keeping Health and Shield at Max

One common mistake people often make is neglecting to recharge their health and shield, or assuming they can attend to it later. But one sudden attack will break that health, and you might lose the game. Moreover, it’s crucial to stay with your team and keep them updated regarding the situation.

That way, all of you can strategize a plan that could lead you to victory. Finally, be sure to equip the best gear for the mission. An excellent weapon will give you an edge over your enemies. Good luck!

Having multiple strategies up your sleeves will help you navigate the game and act as a stepping stone to a successful match.


If you keep up with the new updates and act with the squad, then you can win. There have been several instances where beginners surpassed squads with experience. You can also be one of them today.

Moreover, there is always a thing called beginner luck in Apex Legends, so be sure to make use of that. 

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