What is Gibbon?

Gibbon is a free, open-source school management system that focuses on the educational process, classes management, and the primary educational audience, the "students".

Gibbon was founded in October 2010 in response to a lack of powerful, usable and open source school platforms. Right from the beginning, Gibbon was designed to be flexible, extensible and themeable, whilst aiming to help teachers to do their jobs.

It is built on top of PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5 and several other technologies.


  1. Easy-to-setup and use
  2. Responsive user-friendly interface
  3. Mobile-friendly design
  4. Educational planner
  5. Students manager
  6. Admin manager
  7. Departments management
  8. Resources
  9. Activities management
  10. Activities catalog
  11. Individual Needs
  12. Library
  13. Staff management
  14. Groups management
  15. Built-in messenger
  16. Timetable manager
  17. Extended through plugins
  18. Large community
  19. Dozens of open-source modules
  20. Supports Microsoft SSO (Single Sign-On)
  21. Supports OAuth2-standard SSO
  22. Added support for database-driven sessions and encrypted session data
  23. Supports several payment gateways
  24. Supports Stripe Payment gateway
  25. Includes charts and visualized timelines
  26. Supports admins and teachers to customize personal documents
  27. Supports custom fields
  28. Looks and feel: Supports custom themes
  29. Email notifications
  30. Supports multiple languages
  31. Compatible with PHP7 and PHP8
  32. Includes a logger and a logger viewer
  33. Students profile
  34. Responsive HTML email templates for outgoing notifications and messages
  35. New staff absence tracking feature, including approval and reports
  36. Allows admins to manage substitute teachers
  37. Added data visualisation to Rubrics through the Markbook View
  38. Supports several SMS gateways for SMS notification: OneWaySMS, Twilio, Nexmo, Clockwork, TextLocal, and Mail to SMS
  39. Built-in rich reporting system
  40. Assessment management: it comes with a rich set of assessment tools that teachers and educators can easily use
  41. Finance manager: allows admins to manage payments, bills, invoices, track expanses and more.


Gibbon is released under the GPL-3.0 License.


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