Gitly is an Open Source GitHub and GitLab Alternative

GitHub and GitLab are free web-based version control system and collaboration platforms for developers. While, they are free on certain aspects, many developers and companies like to have their own version control system self-hosted on their servers.

What is Gitly?

Here we present Gitly, which is an open-source alternative written entirely in the V programming language which gain a growing popularity among developers.


It is a lightweight, fast software package that does not require massive hardware requirements like its competitors.  

The project is currently under heavy development, and yet many features are still missing to allow it to compete with GitHub and GitLab, but hopefully these features will be finished in the first Beta release.

The V programming language, was around for some time now, as it proven to be fast, efficient, and produce really lightweight apps, that works even on old machines and ARM SBC.

Gitly is an ideal showcase to how V can be used to produce real-life web applications, with minimal footprint and less hussle.

Gitly features

  • Light and fast
  • Minimal amount of RAM usage (works great on the cheapest $3.5 AWS Lightsail instance)
  • Easy to deploy (a single <1 MB binary that includes compiled templates)
  • Works without JavaScript
  • Detailed language stats for each directory
  • "Top files" feature to give an overview of the project


  • V (
  • SQLite (Ubuntu/Debian: libsqlite3-dev)
  • Markdown (v install markdown)
  • sassc

Gitly will support Postgres and MySQL in the future (once V ORM does).


Gitly is released under the GPL-3.0 License.


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