Gridify (A Modern Dynamic LINQ library)

Easy and optimized way to apply Filtering, Sorting, and Pagination using text-based data.

Gridify (A Modern Dynamic LINQ library)
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What is Gridify?

Gridify is a dynamic LINQ library that simplifies the process of converting strings to LINQ queries. With exceptional performance and ease-of-use, Gridify makes it effortless to apply filtering, sorting, and pagination using text-based data.

Gridify has been designed with performance in mind and can outperform other dynamic LINQ libraries.

Gridify can be used in any .NET Core or .NET Framework project, making it highly compatible. It can also be used alongside Entity Framework and other ORMs.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Supports filtering, sorting, and pagination
  • Supports string to LINQ conversion
  • Supports nested queries and sub-collections
  • Supports string to object mapping
  • Supports query compilation
  • Supports collection indexes
  • Custom Operators
  • Compatible with ORMs, especially Entity Framework
  • Can be used on every collection that LINQ supports
  • Compatible with object-mappers like AutoMapper


  • MIT license


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