Grocy: An Open-source ERP for Grocery stores

Grocy: An Open-source ERP for Grocery stores
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We often see general-purpose open-source ERP solutions, but on a rare occasion, we witness a customized specific one like Grocy.

What is Grocy?

Grocy is an open-source self-hosted ERP for grocery shops, household management, dormitories, and big houses.

It is originally created by Bernd Bestel, a german software developer. Currently, it is maintained by a large community of open-source contributors.

Grocy helps the user to manage shopping lists, inventory, purchases, make meal plans, manage grocery equipments, recipes and consumption.

The system is designed to manage large quantities of food, resources, and keep track of their availability in the inventory.

It features a system notification for shopping, expired products, overdue products, and stock amounts.

Grocy features

Here is a list of its features:

  1. Responsive clean user-interface
  2. Shopping list manager
  3. Stock manager: helps you to keep track of all of your stock products and notified on certain cases
  4. Tasks: simple tasks
  5. Manages batteries
  6. Manage household devices and equipments
  7. Chore manager and tracker
  8. Purchases manager: helps you to prioritize what to buy next
  9. Calendar view
  10. Recipe manager
  11. Meal planner
  12. Tasks manager
  13. Track overdue elements and products
  14. Notification
  15. Products search
  16. Products filter
  17. Create custom filter
  18. Android application
  19. Custom fields, objects, and lists
  20. Night mode support
  21. RESTful API
  22. Desktop application
  23. Docker installation support
  24. Multilingual support

Technical note

The solution is created with PHP, JavaScript


Grocy is released under MIT license.


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