GROWI: an Open-source Markdown-based Wiki Engine for Teams

What is GROWI?

GROWI Wiki engine
GROWI Wiki engine

GROWI is a new open-source Wiki engine for teams that supports real-time editing

It is built on top of Node.js and MongoDB. It also uses Redis, and ElasicSearch for full-text search functionality.


  1. It uses Markdown by default: (Create hierarchical pages with Markdown)
  2. Comes with a split-pane viewer
  3. Real-time collaboration for users
  4. Simple yet powerful asset management
  5. Comes with a built-in diagramming editor that uses
  6. Multiple Text keymaps:  Vim, Emacs, and Sublime Text
  7. It has a built-in Emoji (using EmojiOne v3)
  8. Multiple themes support
  9. Team customization
  10. Full-text search support
  11. Authentication and group management based on Passport
  12. Supports login using SAML, LDAP, and OAuth (GitHub, Twitter, Google)
  13. Allows users to create a public wiki that is edited by guests and anonymous users
  14. Internal comments and chat
  15. Slack integration and notification
  16. Developer-friendly documentation
  17. Insert Math formulas easy
  18. Built-in history and revision engine
  19. Supports multiple languages
  20. Mattermost, IFTTT Integration
  21. Easy installation using Docker
  22. Rich shortcuts library


  • Node.js v14.x or v16.x
  • npm 6.x
  • yarn
  • MongoDB 4.x

Optional Dependencies


GROWI is open source software developed by WESEEK, Inc. and released under the MIT license.