Guest posts

Guest posts
Photo by XPS / Unsplash is a blog that focuses on open-source, medical software, software development, education, and more.

We accept guest posting and link insertion if they align with our scope in these categories: education, security, privacy, open-source, technologies, healthcare, time-management solutions, medical radiology, and pathology.

The guest post will be:

  1. Featured on the home page
  2. Has do-follow links
  3. Indexed by search engines
  4. The guest article will have an AMP version
  5. Permanent
  6. The post will not be changed or updated unless the author requests that.

Although, we have dozens of guest posting, and link insertions per month, we accept only a limited amount. Soon as all available spots are filled, we can not accept any guest posts or link insertion until the 5th of the next month.

If you are interested to get a guest post spot, send a request to: