HealthCastle is a health monitor app for families

HealthCastle is an open-source platform for monitoring health for family members, a widely admired health tool.

The app is useful for families, caretakers, parents, and team members, as it allows  users to add unlimited contact, offers rich insights, and is packed with dozens of useful tools for a better healthy lifestyle.


It helps users to view optimal calories, calories that you burn, add exercise, record sugar levels, record blood pressure, supports graphs, share your health with a family member.

Here is the full features list:

  1. Easy to use application
  2. Uses  Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide useful insights
  3. View Optimal Calorie Limit for you
  4. Add the food that you ate to record calories consumed
  5. Add exercises done today
  6. App counts number of steps taken throughout the day automatically,
  7. View total calories burnt today
  8. Check Heartbeat rate using Camera
  9. Record sugar level
  10. Record blood pressure level
  11. View graphs for past data related to added family members and friends
  12. Add family members, friends
  13. Care takers can use it to track and log their patients progress
  14. View past data graphs of your family members,
  15. Get notifications if your family member is unhealthy or is depressed; and,
  16. Contact doctors
  17. Reminders
  18. Reporting, and charts
  19. Log sugar level
  20. View and manages family connections
  21. Track your log stats: sugar level, calories level,

Special Features

It has special features like when you feel depressed according to ML analysis the app set notification to friends and family member, measure heart rate, track the food that you have eaten, and exercise.

  1. When a person launches the app, a photo of his/her face is captured and a Machine Learned Tensorflow model is used to detect the person's mood. This mood is further used to find the person is depressed.
  2. If a person feels depressed according to ML analysis, push notifications are sent to his friends and family members regarding this and a graph of mood fluctuations is shown.
  3. The app supports full voice control.
  4. Food and exercise databases are extensible at personal level.


Technologies used

The system  is written with Java and licensed under the GPL-3.0 License. It uses Firebase Real-time Database, SQLite database.

APIs and Components used

  • Firebase Real-time Database
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Tensorflow
  • MPAndroidChart by PhilJay for interactive graphs
  • AndroidX artifacts with Google Material Design components
  • SQLite database

Install and setup your own version

Although it requires some knowledge to build the project and setup your own track on Android and Firebase, it is not difficult. It takes only few mins to get everything ready if you know your way around Android studio and Firebase configure.

Here is how to build, configure, and deploy your version:

  1. Clone the project using link:
  2. Open the project in Android Studio
  3. Add Firebase Configuration


The project's primary license is GPL-3.0 License.



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