HeartRate: Open Source Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

HeartRate: Open Source Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor
Photo by Artur Łuczka / Unsplash

HeartRate is a lightweight heart rate monitor application that is built with C# and released as an open source.

It can display heart rate readings from Bluetooth low energy devices, such as Polar H7, Coospo HRM, and Magene H64.

The program is built to work on Windows systems, but with some effort it can work on Linux and macOS.

The primary motivation to build this program is that the core developer could not get Polar H7 to work on iOS devices. So, he decided to repurpose it as a way to read my heart rate while he worked on the computer.

The project is currently maintained by 4 contributors.


  1. Device reconnect.
  2. Support for a heart rate file. A file that contains only the most present heart rate.
  3. Added file menus for adjusting CSV, IBI, and heart rate file output.
  4. Added support for Energy Expended and RR-Intervals readings writing to logfile.
  5. Responsive design that works on small screens.
  6. System tray context menu for selecting colors/fonts.


The project is released under the MIT License.


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