The hledger app is a dependable, precise, cross-platform program for tracking money, time, or any other commodity, using double-entry accounting and a simple plain text file format.

hledger is lightweight, cross-platform, multi-currency, double-entry accounting software. It lets you track money, investments, cryptocurrencies, invoices, time, inventory and more, in a safe, future-proof plain text data format with full version control and privacy.

hledger is brought to you by Simon Michael, who has been building and relying on this project since 2007, and by 140+ contributors.

It is a haskell reimplementation of Ledger, provides command-line, curses and web interfaces, and aims to be a robust, practical tool for daily use.

In double-entry accounting, each transaction must be balanced: An equal amount added to one account must be subtracted from another. You may wish to consult hledger documentation or other tutorials on the web to learn how to use double-entry accounting.


  1. Terminal user interface
  2. Track your money, investments, cryptocurrency, inventory, and loans
  3. Uses pain text accounting
  4. Non-programmers will enjoy hledger's built-in financial statements, multi-period reports, choice of user interfaces, easy CSV import system and general robustness.
  5. Regularly maintained
  6. Easy to setup, configure and use
  7. Has a web user interface
  8. Installs easily on Unix, Linux, macOS or windows
  9. Complete, built-in documentation in multiple formats, beginner videos, tutorials etc.
  10. Multiple UIs: command-line, terminal, web, mobile, editors/IDEs
  11. Good at importing and exporting CSV; also outputs text/HTML/JSON/SQL
  12. A robust, general, well-specified multi-currency accounting engine
  13. Fast, analysing 25k transactions per second on a macbook air m1
  14. Accurate to 255 decimal places
  15. Supports your preferred account names, currencies, number formats
  16. Inspired by and partly compatible with Ledger CLI; interconvertible with Beancount
  17. Scriptable by CLI, HTTP or API, with plenty of examples
  18. Clean Haskell codebase, continually improved since 2007, with $100 regression bounties
  19. Free software licensed under GPLv3+.


hledger is released under the GPL-3.0 License.