hof is An Open-source High code Framework

hof is An Open-source High code Framework
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hof is an exceptional tool that brings together various aspects of development into a cohesive and streamlined workflow. With hof, you can easily create and modify data models, generate code, and automate tasks with CUE.

hof simplifies file generation by combining CUE, data, and templates. It enables creating reusable and modular generators for writing and maintaining large amounts of code. The data layer helps manage configuration and models, ensuring resiliency to version skew. Creators provide one-line commands for users to get started on their projects, with an interactive prompt. The module system manages dependencies and makes hof projects easily accessible to others.

This tool can greatly enhance your productivity by taking care of repetitive tasks and allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your development process. Furthermore, Hof is designed to be language and technology-agnostic, meaning it can be used with a wide variety of programming languages and technologies.

This makes it an incredibly versatile tool, suitable for many types of projects and development teams.

hof is consisting of 5 parts:

  1. data model - define & manage data models - the source of truth
  2. code generation - data + template = _ (anything) - technology-agnostic
  3. app blueprints - bootstrap config and other files - consistent scaffolding
  4. task engine - composable, extendable tasks and workflows - a DAG engine
  5. modules - composable data models & generators - an ecosystem

hof has a feature-rich command-line tool (CLI) that enhances workflow implementation and streamlines data model management.


hof is released under the BSD-3-Clause license