Horse Messaging: An Open Source Messaging Framework For C#

Open Source Messaging Framework. Queues, Channels, Events, Transactions, Distributed Cache

Horse Messaging is a communication framework. It provides many features. All features can be used over only once client and one connection full asynchronously.

Horse Messaging is written in the C# programming language. It plays well with the other C# projects.


  • Push State Messaging Queues (supports persistent queues)
  • Pull State Messaging Queues (supports persistent queues)
  • Message Broadcasting over Channels
  • Distributed Cache Management
  • Direct Messaging Between Clients
  • Proxy for Request and Response Messaging
  • Remote Transactions
  • Event Management
  • Message Routing

Why should I use it ?

First of all, Horse Messaging is a framework, not an application. That gives you unlimited customization opportunity. Horse Messaging Server provides you many many implementation options to customize everything in it. On the other hand, if you want to use Horse Messaging Server with default implementations, you can create very basic application with a few lines of code.

  • It's a complete communication framework. It's a bridge between your applications. It's not just a messaging queue or cache server. Horse gives you unlimited communication possibilities. You can use all kind of messaging architectures with same code base.
  • It's extremely extensible and customizable. Everything has an implementation and all operations are interceptable. You can even use your custom SQL server to make your queues durable.
  • It's fast, uses low memory and cpu. Queues can handle over 200k messages per second, channels can handle over 350k messages per second. There is no delay in the Horse framework, latency depends on your network connection.


The project is released under the Apache-2.0 License.


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