HospitalRun is a free, open source and offline-enabled easy to use EMR ( Electronic Medical Record ) / HIS ( Hospital Information System ) software for the developing world healthcare. It is started in 2014 and the latest version is (1.0.0 Beta) released on (2017-05-18).


There are Mac and Windows(64bit only) versions.

In Windows, it is installed in the following path:
and creates a shortcut in the "StartMenu" under "GitHub, Inc".

After downloading and installing the program, we are greeted by the following screen:

  • You can load a sample database from the following github link:

  • Before loading the sample database:

  • After loading the sample database:

  • You then add users. A bit of warning here, you should change the admin password first. Because if you forget to do that and log out, you will not be able to log in as admin again. And If you try to remove the program by the regular Windows Uninstaller and install it again, the problem will still be present. To solve this problem, you will need another uninstaller which do forced uninstall (removes the leftover files) or delete them yourself from the following path:

  • There are many predefined user roles.
    After creating the user and when you login, username is (Email) of the user, not the (Display Name).

  • You can also customize the roles per user as you wish.

  • Example: Data Entry Interface

  • Example: Doctor Interface


There are no clear mention of HIPAA-compliance or type of Encryption used by the program in the official website, although John Kleinschmidt (one of the core team) commented on Dec 6, 2015 on github Encryption for patient data issue (which is a closed issue by now):

One thing to keep in mind here: this project is targeting hospitals in the developing world and as such we don't need to worry about HIPAA compliance.
That isn't to say security shouldn't be considered, but we are operating under different constraints. If there are performant ways to provide encryption and those ways make sense for the project I think they are worth discussing.


Overall it is a great and easy to use program, and we encourage developers to contribute in its development.

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